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Most frequent questions and answers

For local citations, whenever you do an SEO audit, do you also claim and fix wrong citations as part of your package plan, or is it a separate service?

Claiming and fixing of wrong citations are part of DarkLocal’s citation cleanup process. Citation audit and citation clean-up are both separate services, but if you choose to avail of the Citation Clean-up package, the citation audit service is already included in the package.


How long does it take before I could get the citation audit report?

The turnaround time for a citation audit is around 3 days. 

Does a citation audit include a strategy?

No, a strategy is not included because there is no exact strategy in doing a citation audit. However, we have guidelines or procedures to follow in order to get the optimum results we need. 

What is a full citation audit?

 A full citation audit is all about helping you locate all citations wherever they are placed. We just want to let you know that our local citations are done manually because we do not want to miss some results just like in the automated processes.

What is included in your citation audit?

The Citation audit includes the following: 

– Research and location of all existing listings of your business details which include all outdated or incorrect information, and duplicated listings. 

– Complete NAPW (Name, Address, Phone Number and website)

– Aggregators Audit

– Citation Sources Gap

What is the cost of an audit?

 A full citation audit will cost you only $29.

How long does it take before I can see the citation audit report?

Our citation audit report takes 72 hrs or less with free competition analysis.

Why do I need a citation audit for my business?

A citation audit is important for your business because it is an integral part of local citations to make sure that your business information is consistent in Google Search Engine. With this type of process, we will be able to find or locate all of your existing listings with correct and incorrect information.

How do we prevent duplicates if we buy packages from you?

We conduct citation audit before we start submitting the listing. In citation audit, we double check the business if it has other active location, we also have our search for every directory we will use, to assure that no duplicate listings will make. It is easier for us to know if you will give us a list of their multiple locations.


Most frequent questions and answers

How do you claim the listings?

We only claim listings by doing email verifications. (It only requires phone verification or postcard verification: We will arrange an appropriate time for you to verify these because the verification codes will be sent to your business phone number/email.)

Is there a minimum character required for the description of my business?

No, but in order to have a quality description, it is best if you could provide a short, as well as a long description for your business listing because there are some business directories that have a character limit for their business description.

If I have my own list of directories, how much will I pay?

It depends on the package that you have availed because you will be paying for the service charge of creating your listings.

How do you handle verifications?

We use email verification for editing your incorrect listings and If citations require phone verifications, it’s not possible for us to accomplish this…we will still need the client’s cooperation….with that we can inform our client with instructions and advice how to claim those important listing.

We also recommend our clients to provide us an email under their companies domain because some site don’t accept generic email but if you don’t have that’s fine we will be the one to create.


Most frequent questions and answers

Do you offer a one-time citation audit and clean up?


What is the cost of a full clean up?

A full clean-up package costs $399, inclusive of a free citation audit.

Do you fix all citations?

Yes, if you avail our citation clean-up package we will be able to fixed your existing incorrect citations as well as duplicates however not all them can be fixed instantly.

Do you guys need login details for these accounts where incorrectness appears?

Yes…for us to manage your listing easily but if you don’t have that’s fine coz we can still fix your incorrect citations.

Do you offer citation audit and clean up?

 Do you have existing citations but don’t have any idea where they are? We will find it and fixed those inconsistent citations. Check out our citation packages for more info.

For clean up services - would there be minimum number of listings for that?

No, there would be no minimum number of listings for clean-up services because it will depend on the result of listing found in audit process.

How about for your clean-up what are included?

For our Cleanup…it includes free full citation audit, aggregator audit, 4 rounds of cleanup, aggregator cleanup and detailed reporting

How do you handle removal of duplicate listings/Citations?

There is no automated service that deals with it, that’s why we do it manually. We assure to remove the duplicate which we consider less important. We get rid of duplicate listings in different ways like requesting to remove the duplicate, reporting it or by simply editing the duplicate including the correct information in each of them.

Is this citation cleanup for on an unlimited number of incorrect listings?

Yes!Your citation clean-up will depend on search results that will be found using our different tools.

What do you mean by a round in cleanup?

A round is defined as a single attempt to correct your citations, whether it be outreach or manually fixing where possible.

What if we do not have the log in, would you still be able to fix it for us?

Yes, we can still fix your listing even if you don’t have your log ins…

Will you add pictures / change around my existing profiles?

Yes if you have logins for your existing profiles…but if you don’t have the only thing we could change is your basic incorrect info such as your NAPW as well as your duplicates.

Will you claim and update my business listings for me?

 Yes!  If your listings are not claimed, incomplete, or consist of incorrect/outdated information, we will fix them for you as part of our citation cleanup package.

Would Darklocal be able to provide its citation building and clean-up service to other countries?

Yes. In fact, most of our clients are intercontinental. We are willing and committed in serving our clients globally.

How do you handle cleanup process?

Once we receive your business information it will undergo a verification, including the login details on previous listings, cause Login information is the easiest way to fix, remove duplicate or claim your listings before we start our citation audit process.

-After we gather all of the existing citations in citation audit, our next process is to fix inconsistencies, remove duplicates and claim the important citations you’re missing to improve your local visibility.

Here’s how we handle it:

-Set up an email use for outreach if the client does not provide it.

-We will prepare the proper template that we will be using for outreach.

-We will start the cleanup process by focusing on inconsistent information that must edit and remove all the duplicate listing. And thoroughly find the right way to edit/remove the listing cause every site has its own way to fix it.

-We will send the report to the client on every round of cleanup.

Does your service clean up ALL the citations?

No,  unfortunately it’s impossible to fix ALL of them….some citations requires phone verification, Some sites do not honor a generic email account, either to claim or request, Some sites are not managed by anyone and some are paid listings site, If you are not willing to pay, there is a big chance that your listings might not be fixed.

Do you have sample report for cleanup?

Yes we have, here’s our sample: linkHERE

What does "4 ROUNDS of Cleanup" mean in your local citation cleanup service?

 “4 rounds of cleanup mean”, we’re attempting to correct your citations 4 times, cause every round is a single attempt, whether it be outreach or manually fixing where possible.

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