Guest Posting Service

Regardless of any algorithm update in Google Search, links are still one of the key indicators for a successful SEO and Local SEO campaign. But it doesn’t mean you go out there building backlinks that have no worth to your website. One must consider different metrics like domain authority, organic traffic, topical trust flow, and more to pick the best sites for link building. You also need to consider the time, effort, budget for the research, and outreach just to get your content posted on your target sites. In a nutshell, it is time-consuming and often bound to fail.

But you came to the right place! DarkLocal partnered directly with the contributors to provide you more sites to choose from and give you better pricing because we eliminate the broker fee.

Why Our Guest Posts Service?

There are many link building agencies out there that offer guest posting service. You can compare, they offer the same set of sites, same rules, same turnaround time, unique content, but offered at a different price. Here is what we offer and compare us from our competitors:


All out list of guest post sites that we offer, available to view any time.


By allowing our existing and potential clients to view our list, they can easily compare our pricing from different providers.


Running through our list can be time-consuming. Our free VIP service takes care of the sites’ recommendation for you.

Quality Guest Post Site List

Below are sites that our team collected that you can use to submit a guest post. The list updates from time to time to keep it tidy and up to date. We are constantly adding more sites to the list to provide a better selection for your campaign. All we want is the best for you!

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Free VIP Service

Time is money and we don’t want you to waste your day browsing our huge list of sites. Our dedicated team will help you prepare a list of sites based on your inputs. This service is completely free and will help you save more time.

Guest Posting Service FAQ’s

Most frequent questions and answers

Is this a contextual link?

Yes, most of the sites that we offer, provide contextual links.

Do you accept gambling and CBD type of clients?

I highly recommend our VIP service. Chances are that most of the sites will reject the link from these types of websites.

Can you guarantee my keyword as an anchor text?

There are authority sites that are strict regarding the anchor text, we will let you know if that will be the case.


Can I see the content before publishing?

Yes, you can review the content and you are free to give your feedback. Just let us know!


Can I provide the content?

Yes, you can, but it is subject to approval by the site’s editor and must comply with their guidelines.

Can I link it to the homepage?

It always depends on the site’s guidelines. But most of the time YES. But we ask our client for a resource page as an alternative link.