Video Verification for Google My Business - Verifying Without a Postcard

What is GMB?

Google My Business is one of the free business directories online and the most reliable services that Google offers to help businesses be located on Google’s search engine. It allows businesses to manage their business details online in order to be located by customers, drive more traffic, and gain more profit. GMB listing is essential for a local SEO campaign because it serves as a doorway page to your business website.

For you to get the most out of Google My Business, you will be asked by Google to provide all the necessary information regarding your business. Google will then send you a postcard to your physical address for you to verify your Google My Business. However, in the instance where you haven’t received any postcard, you no longer need to fret because there is another way to verify your Google My Business. It is through video verification.

It’s time to go through the process of video verification for Google My Business without a Postcard!

GMB Video Verification Guide


If the postcard has not arrived at your physical location after two weeks or so, it is time to call Google My Business customer service through their hotline number: 1-866-246-6453. Enter your Google Ads ID and the next thing to do is click option 3 for Google My Business. However, even without a Google Ads ID, you can still keep moving. Take note of the business hours of Google My Business: 9 AM – 8 PM (Eastern Time). You will eventually receive an email from Google My Business after talking with someone from their team. Respond to the email confirming the time of your availability to do the video verification. Be assured that Google My Business will reply to you.

After responding to the first email, expect another email where you will be asked to cross out the time you want to do the video verification. Do not worry because Google will provide the timezone. You will be asked to download Google hangouts because that’s where you will be doing the video verification. Just make sure to have your headset ready! So once you will start with your video verification, make sure to capture your business signage because this is the first step prior to starting the process.

You will be doing a 360-view of your location to check your office from an outside view. Google wants to see if your outside view aligns with the street view. Pro tip: In doing your video verification, moving in a circular motion will be a great help to capture everything.

Be ready to present a business card with your office address on it. You also need to prepare other documents (if you do not have a business card) such as a utility bill with your name and business address on it, or any official document that has your name and business address or information. It is good to be prepared, rather than not.

Tour Google around your office or workspace and show the employees that are working with you. You also need to be prepared to present where you meet your clients or customers. Basically, this is for the purpose of showcasing what your office looks like or what kind of culture you have for the video verification process.

The whole video verification will not take you more than 10 minutes. It is usually within 10 minutes or less. Time to verify your business through video verification!

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