What's with Google My Business?

Quick History

In 2016, Google​ ​My Business began and it was formerly known as “candidate cards”. It was initially for political candidates’ contents that would appear every time there are political queries on Google search engine. As time passed by, it opened up to businesses to show their information.

Google My Business 101

Today in SEO, Google My Business or GMB is considered one of the effective and powerful local SEO strategies in improving their rankings on Google Search engine. It allows businesses not only in Google Search engine rankings but also in connecting with potential customers online.

Registering your business to Google My Business postings or listings helps you grow your business and be more visible online.

Google is investing more in Google My Business Program by always adding new features to help local business listings be more efficient. They do this by letting business owners take part in what they are doing in the Google My Business listing. In other words, allowing businesses to include more information helps potential customers to know more about their products and services.

Google My Business listing is surely a great opportunity for businesses to take advantage of. And here’s the good news: it is just for FREE.

So What are the benefits of Google My Business?


Having a Google My Business profile not only allows you to attract potential customers when they search your business online but it is also an important Google local ranking factor. The importance of it in local SEO has increased over the years from 2016 until the present. And soon, it will play a bigger and important role in ranking your website on Google search.

It is important to always log in to your Google My Business account so that you can continually check what is happening to your business profile and for you to always update it from time to time.

Another important feature of Google My Business is that it allows you to optimize and enhance your Google My Business profile by adding photos, videos, business hours, description about your company, FAQs, interacting with your customers, and many more features.

Google My Business Post allows you to promote your business by adding What’s New, Event, Offer, & Product. Not only that, but posts also allow you to put a call to action or CTA like Buy Now, Book an Appointment, and many others.

Quick tips when it comes to Google My Business Post.

It allows you to write up to 300 words, but just make sure that whatever you write will be visible when people use mobile phones. It is recommended to use at least 80-100 words for every Post. By taking advantage of this, you can catch your readers’ attention right away.

Google My Business Post’s best image size of 750 x 750. Always check if the image looks good or not. Just try avoiding photos that are smaller than 250 x 250. Thus, avoid putting text on your image because it may get cut off on mobile phones.

Take advantage of the Post by having a real-life conversation with them through your copy.

Lastly, it is better if you add a landing page for your Post.

Google My Business Posting has a lot to offer for businesses and companies that are not yet registered. It is just a matter of registering on Google My Business and exploring your profile to see what it offers.

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For sure, every business owner would want their businesses to be known to the public. Google My Business Posting is one of the answers to that. It is an effective and powerful tool for your business to rank higher on Google Search engine and it also allows you to attract more potential customers and communicate with them using Google My Business platform.

Everything is innovating and surely in the next few years to come, Google will look for ways to add more features in it so that more and more businesses can take advantage of using it.

Right now, what are you waiting for? Go and check out what Google My Business has to offer for your business. Take part in the future with Google My Business.

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